Tank Farm

Tank Farm Services

The numerical ratio of capacities for storage of heavy and light oil products may vary. At present, 51,000 m3 is for light oil products and 303,000 m3, for heavy oil products. The tanks comply with international standards and are designed for storage of a large range of oil products.

In 2016, 40 thousand ton m3 tanks were put in operation on the land that had been built up in 2004. These tanks were built according to a more ergonomic and environmentally friendly two-wall technology. At the moment, a third 40 thousand ton m3 tank is being built. Such spacious tanks have raised the terminal’s potential of simultaneous oil product storage and raise the service quality in general, which gave the terminal’s clients greater opportunities for oil product transshipment and storage.

BENYA TRANSPORT & LOGISTICS B.V ships oil products:

  • to sea tankers with up to 40 thousand tons deadweight, from deepwater wharves No. 112-A and 112-V;
  • to sea tankers with up to 100 thousand tons deadweight, from deepwater wharves No. PNT-3 and PNT-4;
  • fueling operations are carried out from wharves No. 112 (sites A, B, and V), No. PNT-1, and No. PNT-2.

BENYA TRANSPORT & LOGISTICS B.V has five railway overpasses that can receive 108 tanks with oil products. In 2016, 5 000 thousand tons oil products were delivered by railway. POT receives cargoes via the Oktyabrskaya railway through the Avtovo railway station (Code: 035601).

There are two river wharves, PNT-1 and PNT-2, 5.8 m deep, for reception of river-sea class ships. The wharves’ capacity is 300 thousand tons oil products per month.