Chemicals Industries

The transport of chemical products stand out for high safety standards and environmental requirements. Besides of that, due to relatively low value, shipping of chemicals is quite cost-sensitive. Containers since long established themselves as one of the best means of transport for chemical products allowing both eliminate many risk factors and substantially reduce logistics costs especially for small consignments.

BENYA TRANSPORT & LOGISTICS B.V could rightly claim to be one of the industry specialists in containerized delivery of chemical products via terminals of Russia port. Since 2014 we offer dedicated services of restuffing bulk and liquid chemicals to containers. In order to ensure full safety of handling and transportation of goods we apply advanced technologies for loading cargo into standard containers equipped with flexi-tanks or liner-bags. Alternatively, BENYA TRANSPORT & LOGISTICS B.V can offer bagging or drumming of chemicals before stuffing them in container. We hold all necessary licenses and certificates, as well as strict procedures and protection means for handling hazardous goods.

For transportation of new kinds of chemical materials and products BENYA TRANSPORT & LOGISTICS B.V develops new containerization and packaging technologies tailored to specific requirements of commodity and shipper. In doing that we consider all details of reloading, transportation, cargo condition control, selection of best suitable package etc. elements of safe, secure and cost-efficient delivery to final consignee.