Agricultural Industries

Russia is one of the largest importers and exporters of food in the world. The main commodities in imports are perishable goods foods (meat, fruit and vegetables) and food materials. The main agricultural product of Russian export is grain.

The key requirements of in transportation of imported food-stuffs are delivery time and safe of temperature-controlled goods.In transportation of exported agribulks the main attention is to smooth stufing of goods into containers and overall costs of transportation.

Seasonal volatility of trade, state regulation of food exports and imports, risks of cargo delay and damage in transit points and during clearance – these are important factors of foods transportation to and from Russia. BENYA TRANSPORT & LOGISTICS B.V offers well-tested transport solutions tailored to shipping needs of various food commodities both in import and export. We thoroughly select containers, vehicles and warehouses for delivery and storage of goods. At off-dock facilities of BENYA TRANSPORT & LOGISTICS B.V we apply advanced handling technologies for stuffing bulk and liquid food-products, included dedicated silo for agribulks.

At handling of perishable foods in reefer containers BENYA TRANSPORT & LOGISTICS B.V ensures steady process of customs clearance, trucking from port to off-dock storage, restuffing or further carriage of goods – all operations times are measured to a minute. Our skilled personnel arrange smooth certification as well as quarantine and veterinary inspection formalities, enabling us to guarantee delivery time and cost.

BENYA TRANSPORT & LOGISTICS B.V provides complex transport solutions to traders of food semi-products and materials. We are quite experienced in handling these traffics and skilled in dealing with respective land-transportation conditions, sanitary rules and customs regulations, knowing seasonality of food materials' business we negotiate with liner carriers the best fixed freight rates and ensure timely dispatch of cargo from ports of loading along the whole period of contract.